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Heaven 200

Superlight Shots, Truely Wireless

The smartest and lightest way to set your music truly free.

Single click to start, double click to change

With a one-place one-click control system on the shoulder of the earbud, this superlight wireless earphone gives you the power to pick and drop calls, start and stop music in a single click.

Perfect fit for all ear shapes-1
Groove all day with the awesomeness of sound-1

Groove all day with the awesomeness of sound

With an unmatched playtime of 14 hours and sturdy battery power, this little musical buddy can keep you grooving all day. Its high definition 3D surround sound enhances the playtime experience with high-class beats delivery.



IPX5 Waterproofing for swimming laps1-1

Google Assistant

IPX5 Waterproofing for swimming laps1-1


IPX5 Waterproofing for swimming laps1-1

HD Microphone

IPX5 Waterproofing for swimming laps1-1

Support Siri


Perfect fit for all ear shapes

Crafted in high-quality silicone and designed in a shape that stays put in the hardest situation, these feathery ear buddies can comfortably fit any ear shape without feeling heavy. It’s zero space perfect fit keeps it safe from any dust buildup.


Let the music flow like a feather

Dipinsure’s smallest ever truly wireless in-ear headphones is our lightest ever with a total weight of 40 grams only. Which means comfortable and light in your ears, easier to carry in the pocket while travelling. The little musical shots are so light and compact, you won’t even feel them in your ears. Just feel the magic of music, like it’s flowing through the air.

Smart wireless earphones with wireless charging capacity

Compatible to industry’s easiest and fastest method of charging, the earbuds have the capacity for the magnetized charge up to 9-10 times. Wireless earphones + wireless charging capacity = truly wireless combination.


Auto pairing saves time, plays better music

It’s a music buddy for you that doesn't like you to keep waiting for your favourite track. When in the melody mood, just switch on the earbuds and they pair up automatically.

Auto pairing saves time, plays better music-1

Bluetooth 5.0 widest range connectivity

One of its kind, smallest earphone with widest 35 feet Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. With such a high range and bandwidth Bluetooth 5.0 optimized device is much easier to connect, Also, with the use of Bluetooth 5.0 you can connect these super tiny earphones with more than one device at once.



Heaven 200

Super light mini earphones with premium quality surround sound, 3D sound rotation and heavy bass for better audio