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Headvoice 1000

Style reborn with a new way to listen and interact


Push your workout, enjoy your travel, stay lost in the music without getting trapped into wires and without looking bulky on-ear.

Love the way you look and hear

Look stylish, hear clear and stay wireless with one of the ultra-modern hands-free headphones’ set. Headvoice - 1000 by Dipinsure is a power pack of technology and design, engineered to keep you comfortable and stay in place.

Love the way you look and hear-1

Magnetic field protection of headphones

Stay connected to the music you adore without attracting the unwanted. Slay away sound-cavity with unique ‘Magnetic Field’ setup.

IPX5 Waterproofing for swimming laps1-1

Google Assistant

IPX5 Waterproofing for swimming laps1-1

Support Siri

IPX5 Waterproofing for swimming laps1-1

3D Audio

IPX5 Waterproofing for swimming laps1-1

Bluetooth 5.0

No sweat, no splash in-ear headphones

A splash repellent mesh cover in the open sections, keep this sturdy set of earpiece dry, bare and fully active. With an IPX5 rating Headvoice - 1000, your musical gym buddy isn’t afraid of rain or sweat - and you do not have the wrong weather excuse to skip your workout.


Smart earphones with smartly balanced contour curves

A smart set of buttons on the control panel balances the sound quality in both high and low volumes to keep your favourite track sound balanced and melodious all the time.

No noise, no echo, crystal clear sound

HD microphone, no need to worry about voice breakage and echo during important calls anymore. The microphone is intelligent enough to keep all the unwanted ambient sounds away, giving you a crystal clear sound quality.

Much more than just a battery


With the power of 240 mAh, on a single charge, you can enjoy up to 15 hours of uninterrupted playtime. No worries about wires, no worries about the device’s heating up. Just keep grooving to your favourite tune while you are on the move.

Headvoice 1000

Stay comfortable, stay upright without compromising on your musical rights. Headvoice 1000 is an ultimate combination of comfort, right fit and quality music.