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Bluetooth wireless 3 in 1 link adapter

Stream music smartly, make speakers smart, go wireless

Up to 9 hours long music or phone call on a single charge-1

Up to 9 hours long music or phone call on a single charge

Musicpool adopts quick charging technology, for uninterrupted music time or calling experience. Get started, stay connected, whole day long.


Music + Voice. Let’s Get talking

Hands-free calling and command access to your music, this device gives you the freedom to start your funky playlist in the bedroom and control it from the kitchen. Turn up or turn down the volume, swipe or jump tracks and even control the play music button without hassle.

IPX5 Waterproofing for swimming laps1-1

Google Assistant

IPX5 Waterproofing for swimming laps1-1


IPX5 Waterproofing for swimming laps1-1

HD Microphone

IPX5 Waterproofing for swimming laps1-1

Support Siri

Do not forget the Bluetooth 5.0

It does have output Aux and USB ports, but what makes it really wireless is the global Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Stream music to any compatible device up to a distance of 35 feet.


As the name suggests, a real pool of your favourite music

Musicpool gives you complete wireless access to your favourite music anytime, anywhere. Get connected to any of your music library folder, any music app and any internet radio station in a single click.  However, if you are too busy to reach the click, don’t worry we have trained Musicpool to work on your voice prompt quite smoothly.

What all can we connect?

Compatible with almost all home theatres, stereo systems (including car stereo) and docking speakers, the adapter has two common outputs (Aux and USB). Any device that supports any one of these outputs can become a Musicpool music system.





Grow the system, make calls

Not just fun, Musicpool understands business too. With Musicpool now you can make calls from office, busy streets and even while driving without losing your concentration over the road. It keeps your hands free while calling, to support to accomplish other important works simultaneously.






A busy restaurant, hectic office day or driving, Musicpool has been optimized to make conversations clear without keeping your hands busy.