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The Tiny Powerhouse Speaker

All places you go, great music follow.


Tiny musical package for the big adventure

Your best friend for all your trips, Blast micro-speaker is super rugged for harsh weather conditions and delivers it’s best every time you turn it on.

Tiny musical package for the big adventure-1

Stand firm to water and dust

Dropped your speaker in the water? Don’t panic! Take it out, shake away the water and press play.


Whether it’s a rainy Monday or a stormy Sunday, Blast’s IPX5 waterproof rating and impenetrable design make it the perfect choice for all conditions.





Available in two colour options:

Black and Silver



IPX5 Waterproofing for swimming laps1-1

Play Time 5 Hours

IPX5 Waterproofing for swimming laps1-1

Battery 500mAh

IPX5 Waterproofing for swimming laps1-1

Peerless Calling Experience

IPX5 Waterproofing for swimming laps1-1

Voice Prompt


Command Google voice assistant Ship-to-shore

Don’t have access to your phone? Relax, press, hold the multi-function button to control your phone’s voice input from the speaker. Blast is readily available to get connected to some of the top voice assistants to make your busy life a bit easier. 


Double the power with Bluetooth 5.0 streaming

Blast Bluetooth 5.0 speaker is designed to communicate wirelessly and transmit audio to 2 wireless devices simultaneously. The power of Bluetooth 5.0 quadruples the wireless range by doubling the speed and increasing the device’s bandwidth.



Echo Cancelling Speakerphone

Easy hands-free calling experience with ZERO acoustic echo disturbance, Blast speaker by Dipinsure is the best choice for all your personal group calling or professional conference calls.



Make a pair for dual magic

Dipinsure Blast speaker comes with the feature of pairing with its ‘TWIN’ to double the magic of surround sound. Just turn the Bluetooth on, pair the little monsters and enjoy dual power of music.

Booming sound with a 3-dimensional effect

Deep base sound quality with 3D surround sound technology and a compact design make Blast a tiny powerhouse of excellence and innovation in sound. It's twin sharing feature helps deliver sound with double impact.